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Nerd Weddings: How far do I go?

I’ve been looking at a metric f**ton of wedding pictures, including pictures tagged as nerd weddings, hoping that something will catch my eye and inspire me. 

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that I do not think I am quite prepared to go as all out as some people. 

Like, these are epic and awesome, but I think there should be a bigger difference between Comic-con and my wedding than just that I happen to be wearing white or carrying flowers. 

But then there are the weddings tagged as nerdy that are literally just a regular wedding plus some light sabbers:

Okay, the last one is ten kinds of awesome. Still, I feel more and more like the Star Wars Wedding is sort of over done. Perhaps because it is one of the few mainstream nerdy things that you can be reasonably sure your parents, if not your grandparents, will at least understand the references. 

I think the biggest challenge will be how to keep the wedding “classy” while still being nerdy and original. So that when I show pictures many years from now, it will look like my wedding, not just some random Cosplay/Star Wars event. 

For example:

Both of these are fun, a little more personalized and really nice. We just have to come up with a theme that will help us focus the nerd in our wedding.

P.S. I am in no way saying that having someone dress up as a Ferengi for your wedding is not the most bad-ass of choices. If you are that awesome, go for it! Your wedding is your day, and what is most important is doing what you want to do. Klingon make-up is more than I can really commit to, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. 

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It Begins…

Hello and Welcome!

This is the blog of Jax and Chris, and their various wedding hi-jinks and adventures. A few things you should know:

1) This is a blog about weddings, nerds and nerds who are getting married. If you do not like all three of these things, and do not want to see a lot of pictures/thoughts/links to things of that nature, then this is not the blog for you. 

2) While I hope to post things that are of interest to anyone who likes looking at the aforementioned trifecta of topics, I will also be posting thoughts on the process of getting married. So be prepared for sappy and/or emotional things to pop up.

3) Three is a lucky number, so clearly this needed a third thing! Oh, and also my thoughts and ideas are rather random, just to warn you.

If you’re still here, congrats! I hope you enjoy. ^_^

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